Behind the Scenes:

Our Story

Our Promise

In every box you will receive the beef which we have raised and harvested from our pastures. We take great pride in offering you and your family the same great quality meat we feed our family.

At Red Star Beef, all of our meat is grass-finished. There is a huge difference between grass fed, and grass finished beef. Grass fed doesn't always mean grass finished. Beef that is labeled as grass fed can come from cows that were started on a grass diet, but then transitioned to a grain-based diet. In fact, many "grass-fed" cows spend the last few months of their lives on a grain diet to help them quickly gain weight.

When we raise our cows, they are grass fed 100% of the time - from start to finish!


- Less calories than grain-finished beef

- Higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids

- Considerably more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals