Bulk Beef Shares - FREE SHIPPING
Bulk Beef Shares - FREE SHIPPING
Bulk Beef Shares - FREE SHIPPING

Bulk Beef Shares - FREE SHIPPING

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All Natural Grass Fed and Grass Finished Colorado Raised Beef

We raise our cattle to be steroid and antibiotic free 

We process our beef around 18-20 months of age for optimum quality 


Price includes all packaging and processing of the meat with no hidden costs/fees 

All our bundle packages are essentially a smaller portion of the whole cow divided evenly into the different bundle sizes.

Each cut will be individually hand wrapped in traditional white butcher paper and stamped with the cut name. 


All Bundles are pre-packaged in traditional butcher paper and ready for your freezer  

1/2 Beef Share 200 Lbs.

1/4 Beef Share 100 Lbs

1/8 Beef Share 50 Lbs. 


Each Beef Bundle will include approximately 

35% of the bundle = Roasts, Short Ribs and Stew meat and other slow cooking meats

40% of the bundle = Ground Beef - 1 lb. Packages 

25% of the bundle = Variety of Steaks,  Kabobs, Fajitas stripes and other great cuts


Freezer Size:  Every 50 Lbs. of packaged ground beef takes up approximately 3 Cubic Feet or a dimension of 18x18x16

Limited Quantities available 

What's Included in the bulk bundles - A combination of all these cuts may be included depending on availability at the time of purchase. 

  • Tenderloins

  • Sirloin Steak 

  • Rib steaks (Ribeye)

  • T-Bone Steaks 

  • Chuck Steak
  • Combination of Roasts - Chuck - Heel of round - Rump 

  • Brisket 

  • Stew Meat

  • Short Ribs

  • Ground Beef (90/10 mix)

  • Kabobs

  • Fajita strips 

  • Soup Bones/Marrow Bones

  • Heart/LIver